Fabric Displays

Fabric Mural Walls Yukon

Fabric Mural Walls

Yukon graphic mural walls can be used as a basic, no frills stretched fabric display. This portable fabric mural features a lightweight aluminum frame, stabilizing feet and a high quality pillowcase graphic.

The Yukon is Canadian made and part of our PolyFlex Fabric recycling program, making it an affordable, eco-friendly exhibiting choice.

Tension Fabric Displays SoHo+

Tension Fabric Displays

The Soho stretch fabric display features a straight stand–off so you can add a monitor, removable fabric graphics or attractive shelving. The pillowcase graphic zips up at the bottom and the portable frame features easy push button connectors.

This display packs into one compact shipping case and is available in straight and horizontal curved shapes.

Stretch Fabric Displays HOP-UP

Stretch Fabric Displays

Hopup tension fabric displays are simple versatile and can be set up in seconds. The Hopup features a lightweight, heavy-duty frame that holds a durable, stretch fabric graphic mural. Simply attach the graphics, expand the frame and you have a simple exhibit that looks great.
All Hopups are available with and without side graphics.

Available in numerous shapes and sizes.

3D Fabric Exhibits Hello.xpress

3D Fabric Exhibits

The Xpressions display line is a contemporary–looking display that features fabric graphics in different sizes and configurations, giving you flexibility to change up the graphics depending on your event or future needs.

This display line also stands out because it’s very portable. It’s our lightest full sized display, making it ideal for a one person set–up or international shows.

Stretch Fabric Displays Get Noticed

Want to look different from the competition at your next trade show? Try stretch fabric displays by ADFab. A stretched fabric display is easy to set-up, requires little maintenance and gets your message out with maximum impact.

Endless Possibilities with Stretched Fabric Displays

ADFab brings you the latest in tensioned fabric technology with fabric display systems to suit your every need. Our Entasi tension fabric display offers a variety of options and comes in several display configurations, including a curved stand–off option. Our Soho display line features a straight stand–off. And with both display lines, you can add monitor mounts, interchangeable graphics and shelving. For added flexibility, we also offer the hello.xpress, part of our xpressions line, which is extremely lightweight and features smaller fabric display graphics that can be interchanged. In addition, you can order smaller replacement graphics for future needs, saving money on replacement graphic costs. For those of you on a tighter budget, our Yukon systems offer all the beauty of a stretched fabric display in basic configurations. All of our fabric display systems include visually stunning dye–sublimation prints on an environmentally–friendly PolyFlex material. These vibrant stretched fabric skins are bound to grab attention. Here are some of the features and advantages of ADfab stretch fabric displays:

  • Because the graphics can’t kink with misuse and bad packing, a stretch fabric display is a practical option for larger companies where lots of people put up the display.
  • Depending on the display type and the accessories, fabric displays are typically lighter than other types of displays.
    • Vibrant colourfast graphics that look great and stay looking great.
  • Sturdy yet lightweight frame that locks together easily for quick assembly without tools.
  • Easy to install ‘pillowcase’ graphic with zipper closure on the Entasi, Soho and Entasi lines. “Button hole” graphics attach and remove easily on the xpressions display line.
    • All of ADfab fabric displays are machine washable and wrinkle–resistant.
    • Colour calibrated dye sublimation printing for the ultimate in fabric colour accuracy.
    • 100% fire retardant fabric covers.
    • 100% recyclable, including aluminum frames and fabric – return your hardware and fabric, and we will recycle it for you.
    • Optional opaque liner for shadow reduction when the graphic has a white background.
    • Double–sided printing available when tradeshow traffic flow runs in both directions.

Our Soho Display – Compact Packing with a Big Impact Display

Our Soho display line features a straight stand–off so that you can add a monitor, shelves or literature pockets. Because the stand–off is straight, it packs up surprisingly small considering the features of the display.

Meet the Yukon Display; Modern, Eye–catching and Affordable

If you like the look of a stretch fabric display system but have a limited trade show budget, then the Yukon is just right for you. All the print quality of our other stretch fabric exhibit system in simple classic display configurations. The straight configuration is popular for media walls that pack light. And the Yukon display can be put up by one person.

  • 100% recyclable, lightweight aluminum frame.
  • Eco–friendly PolyFlex graphic.
  • A pillowcase stretched fabric cover that easily zippers on.
  • 4 classic configurations to choose from.
  • Sets–up in minutes with no tools required.
  • Entire display can pack into a single nylon carry bag.
  • A hard shell case option is available for added durability during shipping.

hello.xpress – Versatile, Contemporary and Lightweight

Our hello.xpress display is our most lightweight and portable 8’display with a shipping case that changes into a podium. This display is great when you need the impact of a full–sized display, while keeping it portable and lightweight for a one person set–up or saving money on shipping. The hello.xpress is part of our xpressions display line with fabric graphics in different sizes, so you can have a fabric display with flexible graphics. Adding or interchanging smaller graphic panels saves money as your needs change over time.

Be Different

If you want to make a statement at your next event, let ADfab stretch fabric displays do the talking. With vibrant graphics, unique configurations and show stopping colours, our stretched fabric displays are sure to draw attention and visitors to your trade show booth.