Modular Exhibits

Crosswire Modular Truss Display
crossiwre Modular Truss Display

Crosswire is an affordable new generation modular truss display that is smaller and more lightweight than traditional truss systems. Build a unique truss display with counters, monitors and shelves that you can install yourself. Add easy-to-install printed fabric graphics and create a contemporary, open structure display.

Flexform Modular Cube Exhibit
flexform Modular Cube Exhibit

The Flexform modular cube system is easy to install and requires no tools to set up yourself. This exhibit's twist and lock hardware can be reconfigured for different uses. It’s portable, compact, and accepts both fabric and rollable Lexan graphics.

Lightweight Modular Displays – a contemporary custom look without the custom price.

Our Crosswire and Flexform display systems are the next generation of contemporary modular displays that are lighter and easier to set up than more traditional modular displays. Both systems have an intuitive design that is not overengineered. Standardized, simple components are used to build a display suited specifically to your requirements, without adding installation labour costs at your events and the higher shipping costs associated with older, bulkier modular structures. With these displays, you can design your display to suit your needs, your own staff can set up in a reasonable time, and you can save on shipping with displays designed to pack as portable as possible. Think IKEA design and packing without the allen key.

Crosswire Modular Truss Display

We are excited to offer this new generation truss display that is lighter and more compact than traditional steel or aluminum truss systems. It was designed in Denmark for users who want a modular structure that is portable, lightweight, easy to install and cost effective. Looks-wise, this display structure reflects a more European design where the display structure is not hidden and helps create a look and feel that is open and airy. This is further achieved with the use of printed fabric graphics that clip onto the structure. The graphics hang tautly in the frame of the truss, keeping your display area open and welcoming.

For installation, the parts are simple - you take straight truss extrusions of different lengths and join them with a no-tool connecting cube and then you clip on your graphics. And because the parts are simple, we can design your hardware and graphics so that they work in more than one space size, most commonly moving between a 10’ x 10’ space to a 10’ x 20’ space.

This truss system is also ideal for hanging flat screen monitors or product without complicated attachments.

For shipping, we offer two alternatives – you can either select inexpensive double wall cardboard boxes that can be replaced after extended use, or you can opt for manageable hard shell shipping cases on wheels.

Flexform Modular Display

The Flexform modular display structure is a lightweight system with a simple no-tool installation where you click and turn connecting cubes with compact square extrusions. Create walls, define areas in a space, build counters for your products, hang audio-visual aids, and add different types of portable graphics to make a display that fits your practical requirements and your brand.

Because the extrusion is small, square and uniform, this modular display is designed to pack compactly, saving you money on shipping. Displays designed for 10 x 10 and 10 x 20 display often fit into 2 to 4 manageable hard shell shipping cases on wheels, so no wheeled wooden crates are needed. Plus, save on installation costs at your show. We provide training and detailed, easy-to-understand set up instructions. Another distinct advantage of the FlexForm display is that it is reconfigurable. That means you can design your display so that you can use it in different space sizes. Plus, you can take parts at a later date to design something different or expand what you already have.

One last detail about this display is that it is Made in Canada, from the mining of the aluminum to the assembly of the parts to the servicing of the product. And the aluminum portion (98% of the product) is recyclable. We will take back any parts you are done with and recycle them for you. Plus, you can increase the portion of recycled material by choosing printed fabric graphics. Return your old fabric graphics to us, and it will be broken down to make new fleece products.