Pop Up Displays

Coyote Classic Pop Up Display eXpress logo

Classic Pop Up Display

Our classic Coyote pop-up display is a well-made Asian-manufactured display with quality scratch-resistant Duroflex panels. A economical display choice for those on a tight budget. Available in fabric or graphic panels, with
optional lights. Available with graphic or fabric panels.


Express Premium Pop-up DisplayeXpress logo

Premium Pop Up Display

This premium eXpress pop-up display offers the highest quality, Canadian-manufactured hardware with extra
thick Lexan (polycarbonate) panels designed for durability.
This pop-up is suitable for heavy useage with multiple
users set-ups.

Comes with many options, and in many configurations.

Pop-up Displays Stand the Test of Time

For over a decade pop-up displays have been the leading exhibit system on trade show floors. These geodesic frames with magnetic panels are a favorite amongst exhibitors. The pop up display is simple to set up, comes is a variety of classic configurations and allows large format graphics to transform your pop-up display into a giant billboard.

The Portability of the Pop-up Display

Standard pop-up systems come in a variety of configurations for 8', 10’ and 20’ trade show display spaces. Because the pop-up display frame collapses into a small footprint, it can fit into a portable shipping case. Our eXpress pop-up display offers a variety of options including shelving, backlit display panels and Velcro-friendly fabric or Lexan display panels. Both fabric and digitally printed display panels roll up and adhere to the frame with magnets. Here are some of the features of a pop-up display system:

  • Fabric or Digital display panels that easily snap onto the geodesic frame with
  • Display panels roll up and fit into the exhibit case for easy transport
  • Configurations of straight and curved display walls accommodate inline, corner and island trade show exhibit spaces.
  • Come in a variety of models including pop-up tabletops and pop-up display towers.

Why choose eXpress Pop-up Display Systems

Not all portable display systems are created equal and the eXpress pop-up display is no exception. At ADfab our eXpress pop up has been uniquely engineered to make set-up and dismantle a breeze. Quality, durability and ease of use are just some of the feature that make the eXpress Pop up Display a leader in portable exhibit systems. Here are some eXpress features that set it apart from other trade show displays:

  • Lightweight anodized aluminum frame with a lifetime warranty
  • eXpress Pop-up Display panels are made of sturdy kink-resistant, scratch-
  • resistant polycarbonate (Lexan)
  • Made in Canada
  • 8 Colour, 1200 dpi large format eye catching graphics printed in-house
  • All frame components are replaceable on-site without tools
  • Frame hub allows for expansion of configuration
  • 3 in 1 magnetic channel bars make set-up quicker than traditional pop-up displays
  • Entire display fits into compact sturdy wheeled case for easy transport and convenient storage
  • ADfab pop-up displays can ship via courier, check in as airline luggage, or transport by car

Buyer Beware

A quick web search of the term “pop-up display” will bring up a whole range of portable display vendors selling these popular systems. The price and product quality can vary from the least expensive overseas model to top of the line German engineered quality. When it comes to purchasing a pop-up display system, the old adages “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” and “you get what you pay for” rings true. So how do you make a sound choice and purchase a quality trade show display.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Graphic and fabric materials can be different and often are. Ask for a printed sample of the pop-up panel material and compare with other samples.
  • Check for both print quality (vibrancy of colour, resolution) and the durability of the panel material.
  • Is your vendor accessible? Are they able and willing to answer your questions promptly and clearly? If you question the integrity of your sales representative prior to the sale, what can you come to expect after?
  • Ask about warranties. Reputable trades show display companies should confidently stand behind the products they carry. Understand the conditions of the warranty and know the restrictions of limited guarantees.
  • Good customer service and honouring warranties are trademarks of companies who have been around for a while. Vendors come and go, so ask how long has your vendor been in business.
  • Ask for references and take at look at portfolios of completed displays. Concept renderings do not always reflect the capabilities of successfully execution.